The flowers you enjoy during the season from L.A. Dreamin’® Hydrangea are a result of all the hard work it did at the end of last season.  It is very important not to prune beyond the end of July/early August because you risk pruning away all of next years flowers.  

If you want to shape your plant, it’s best to do so immediately following a heavy flowering (likely in June or early July).  Light shaping won’t affect blooms for the following year.

If you want to remove spent flowers, you can do so at any time but you’ll need to be mindful about where to cut. For the best success, follow the guidelines below.


L.A. Dreamin’® is a macrophylla type Hydrangea.  It will bloom on both new wood (this season’s growth) and old wood (last season’s growth), but the best flowering is on old wood.  In more Southern climates, L.A. Dreamin’® Hydrangea is often a better re-bloomer.